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Blanc and black and red all Togel Singapore over

Blanc and black and red all Togel Singapore over



Europe is treading clumsily where America has learned not to tread long ago.


The recent row over the possibility of quotas of non-black players in France’s national football academies showed how Europeans still do not ‘get’ race and are prone to reflex comments of xenophobia and maybe worse.


The transcripts of a discussion last November show that a meeting between the FFF’s technical director, national coach Laurent Blanc and the U20 and U21 managers show the four discussing introducing a quota of a maximum of 30% of academy places for boys with dual nationality.


The goal was to stop the federation wasting so much time and money on youngsters who end up playing for another country in the end, a Togel Singapore reasonable aspiration. Unfortunately the waters were muddied when Blanc spoke of modifying the French youth football culture to concentrate less on size and strength, which in his words is the preserve of “les blacks”, and seek “other criteria” in the 12-13 age range.


Such a shame this story came from France, a full 13 years since its multi-racial team won the World Cup, briefly uniting a fragmenting society, and in the process leaving Le Front National leader Jean-Marie Le Pen an ostracised buffoon for mocking the lack of players singing the belligerent words of La Marseillaise.


New France had triumphed, or so it seemed. Since then there have been serious race riots, prompted by President Nicolas Sarkozy’s infamous ‘racaille’ comment in 2005, while in 2008 the French national anthem was drowned out by Tunisian immigrant boos at the Stade de France, provoking a soul-searching national debate into whether the French dream of making everyone a citoyen with liberté, égalité et fraternité had become in fact un cauchemar (nightmare).


The French …

Blotter: Pinnacle cancels Louisiana Togel Singapore casino expansion plan

Blotter: Pinnacle cancels Louisiana Togel Singapore casino expansion plan



After recently settling with the state of Missouri over a casino license issue, Pinnacle Entertainment announced that it was canceling plans to expand its L’Auberge du Lac casino complex near Lake Charles, Louisiana. The project, named Sugarcane Bay, carried an estimated cost of US$305 million and would have included a new riverboat casino to go alongside the land-locked L’Auberge resort.


Instead, the company announced that it would focus on its other Louisiana properties, including its Boomtown casino in Shreveport. Pinnacle also announced that it would continue with plans to develop a casino resort complex in Baton Rouge, which would include more than a thousand slot machines, fifty table games and more than a hundred hotel rooms.


A spokesman for Pinnacle Chief Executive Officer Anthony Sanfilippo said that the decision was part of the company’s new policy of “disciplined capital spending and expansion”. Mr. Sanfilippo took over as Pinnacle CEO in March and replaced interim CEO John Giovenco, who in turn replaced Daniel Lee after Mr. Lee resigned his position last November. Mr. Lee also engaged in a heated argument with St. Louis County officials over a proposed new casino in the area.


Recent decreases in revenue, including a dismal fourth quarter report, may have led to the decision to halt the Sugarcane Bay project. The company reportedly lost more than US$240 million in 4Q09 and announced that they would trim costs to make up for the revenue shortfalls. Although the company’s stock closed lower after the news, industry experts expect it to pick up value as executives focus on more conservative growth estimates.


The cancellation of the Sugarcane Bay project is the latest symptom of the overall decline in the gaming industry since the economic downturn started in late 2008. Shares of Togel Singapore