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WPT American Showdown chericasino.net

WPT American Showdown chericasino.net



The American Chopper team of Poppa Paul Teutel and sons Paul Jr and Mikey squared off against Trading Spaces co-hosts Amy Wynn, Joe Farrell, and Ladykiller Carter Oosterhouse for a WPT charity tourney earlier today.


Champions Daniel Negreanu and Jennifer Harmond played lifeline coaches, advising their assigned team when a player raised a “red card”. (One call per player.)


Right away, it’s obvious (some of) the Tuetels know their poker. Poppa Paul, despite folding on a Doyle Brunson (10,2-offsuit, with which Brunson won 2 titles), manages to start off with several good hands, mostly competing with son Mikey. At least until Mikey bluffs out Poppa’s A,Q with a low straight draw to become chip leader ahead of dad and brother Paul Jr.


This is followed by  a monster pot of over 400K with QsQd (Mikey), KsKh (Carter), AhKd (Amy), Ac5d (Paul Jr). Amy then calls lifeline Danny N., who tells her she no longer has anything after the flop of 3c,2d,6h. The turn is 10s, with the pot up to over 600K. Carter calls lifeline, and Danny N. says go all in. The women in the audience go wild for the ladykiller chericasino.net. The pot’s now $683K. Deuce-h is the river. Mikey goes all in. Paul Jr. checks, then calls red card (lifeline). Jennifer Harmand (sp?) tells him they’re both (Mikey, Carter) all in, they’ve both got you beat: fold! So Mikey wins the side pot. Carter kicks butt and wins the main pot.


Amy Wynn is bumped into 6th by her own teammate, Carter.

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