Try an Elite Challenge Tournament for more cash prizes


Already won at Titan Casino and looking for a new challenge?  How about giving the Elite Challenge a try?


With the Elite Challenge, Titan Casino winners have the chance to win additional prizes in any number of regularly scheduled, live, Champion’s Challenge casino tournaments.


It’s not only cash prizes that are on offer, however.  There’s also glory at stake. That’s because thanks to a unique tournament platform, all Elite Challenge promotions feature “real-time” updates to the Elite Challenge website throughout the tournament.  That means you can check your ranking at any time during the game. If you’re lucky (and win), your name will appear on the Winners page, topping the list of the most recent top finishers of past tournaments.


Now you must be wondering to yourself, “How do I get in on the action?”


Simple. It starts by signing up at togel online Casino. Then you must create a real money account (and make a cash deposit).  Once you’ve done that you will start receiving regular Champion’s Challenge promotions directly to your inbox, automatically notifying you every time you’re eligible to participate in an Elite Challenge against other online casino game players from around the world, for extra opportunities to win cash prizes.


Keep in mind, however, eligibility is exclusive and reserved for casino winners only.  So if you’re really up for the challenge you’ll need to sign up, deposit and start playing today!


Going for Gold


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Olympic Ice Hockey


If you have not yet had a chance to tune in for Olympic betting, now is the time.


Join Titan Bet and claim your 100% up to 250 Welcome Bonus in Euros, dollars or pounds, which you can use to bet on the Olympics. And with the recent US win over Canada in ice hockey on February 21st, Olympic betting just got much more interesting.


The most anticipated betting event thus far has been the match-up between the young US Olympic team and the more seasoned Canadian team.


The US took the lead within the first minute of the game and never looked back. The superior defensive hand of US goal tender Ryan Miller helped secure the US victory, as he blocked 42 of Canada’s 45 shot attempts. The emotional American win in this preliminary round gave the US its first Olympic win against Canada since 1960. Titan Bet holds Canada as the favorite trailed second by Russia and third by the US. These hockey odds make Titan Bet’s sportbook a great place for Olympic hockey betting.  If you bet Team USA in this past game, then you already know for yourself just how well Titan Bet’s odds can pay.




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