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Apropos of its name, two firsts will be realized at the Duplicate Texas Hold’em event today in Tulsa, Oklahoma. For one: it’s the first-ever live duplicate poker tournament; for two, it’s the first time a poker site will show play-by-play of each hand during the game to an online audience.


The poker site is e-PokerUSA, and its first-ever live Duplicate Texas Hold’em Tournament at the Cherokee Resort Casino will also have some well-known pros in the field competing for $10,000 in cash.


World Series of Poker Main Event Champion Scotty Nguyen will be one of them, with Barry Johnston, Linda Johnson, Denny Axel and Jan Fisher along for the ride, giving an air of legitimacy to the somewhat unheralded game of duplicate poker.


The basics of duplicate poker are the same as regular poker, but with four notable exceptions:


There are always two or more tables of players, with the same number of players seated at each table.

An identically shuffled deck of cards is used at each table for each hand so players in the same position at each table receive the same hole cards and the common cards are the same for both.

Every player begins each hand with the same number of playing chips, regardless of the results of any previous hand.

Winner of each hand is based on the number of chips at the end of the game compared with all players in the same seat at the other tables.

If it sounds a little confusing, Pinhas Romik, founder and CEO of e-PokerUSA Inc., says that’s a perfect opportunity to follow the action online and get a sense of the game.


“It’s an exciting day for us. People interested in this unique event who cannot attend will be able to follow the game action through our interactive presentations.”


The presentations will be in real-time and will show how each player plays their hand compared to the same seat position at other tables.

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